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If you were asked to write down all your belongings without looking around your property, would you remember everything?

Welcome! Let me ask you a question. How long has it been since you had a home inventory done?

You do have a home inventory, right? More and more people are realizing that, with all the unexpected natural disasters, fires and burglaries, there is a real need to protect your hard-earned possessions.

You certainly could take a pencil and paper and list everything you own. Having a professional inventory prevents any questions in the event that you did have to make an insurance claim.

One of the most commonly known purposes for a certified inventory would be to protect yourself in the case of a disaster - something weíre seeing more of these days.

You work hard to live the American Dream. Fire, theft or natural disaster — just one unexpected catastrophe - can take that away in just seconds. Once most belongings are gone or damaged, the insurance company or police will ask for detailed descriptions and often require pictures as proof of ownership. What will you do? If you canít remember, you canít recover™.

If you were asked to write down all your belongings without looking around your property, would you remember everything?

Having an insurance policy just isnít enough. Disaster victims are usually required to provide a list of items they are claiming for replacement, including price paid and date purchased. A thorough contents inventory, created prior to your loss, is the answer. This information is a sure way to give yourself asset protection to help you recover from a disaster. If you have an inventory by a company that has national certification, your chances of being challenged are far less likely.

Homeowners, renters and businesses all need this information. Our successful method provides detailed documentation of all that you own. The itemized list and photographs simplify the process of filling out insurance forms, so you can focus on restoring your life and belongings. Maximize your insurance claim reimbursement and reduce the emotional stress associated with a loss.

Can you afford to lose thousands of dollars worth of contents in your home or business?

The price of a nationally certified 3rd party inventory service is minimal compared to the financial loss you will experience, the difficulty recovering and the time and emotion you will spend attempting to remember what is now gone. The benefit of having peace of mind doesnít have a price tag.

What if I have a disaster and I donít have an inventory?

More people every day are realizing the need for an inventory before disaster strikes. Unfortunately, some havenít yet gotten to that point and find themselves devastated from a fire or other catastrophe. Often the emotion of the loss and the stress of being under a deadline to compile their inventory create a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to take action.

Our role is to help you create a fair and honest inventory. We are not public adjusters, but we help you pull all the information together, provide the time-consuming task of researching replacement values and work with your insurance agent and adjuster to ensure we provide your information according to their requirements.

If disaster preparedness or disaster recovery is the reason you are visiting our website today, we are here to help you. Our process has been reviewed and approved by insurance agents and adjusters.

Other reasons to have an inventory

There are many other life events which require or benefit greatly from knowing what you own.

  • Ensuring you have sufficient insurance coverage for your home and/or business
  • Estate planning and estate settlement
  • Divorce and prenuptial agreements
  • Loss or damage in moving or storage
  • Thorough documentation of contents of rental and vacation properties
  • A detailed list of all business assets, rather than just those on a depreciation schedule
  • Sale or purchase of a business
  • Proof of asset values when applying for a business loan or line of credit
  • Peace of mind

Whether you are here for one of the above-mentioned reasons, or possibly for a purpose not noted above, we are here to help.

Most customers state they decided to purchase an inventory service because they know the benefits of securing this information but just didnít have the time or chose not to do it themselves. It can be a daunting task and often one that doesnít make it to the top of a to-do list. Thatís where we come in!

Contact New York Inventory Group today to learn more or to schedule your inventory.
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